Stephen J. Krizan

Certified Heavy Truck Operator and Mechanic Instructor

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation – Certified to instruct courses for the training of Pennsylvania state heavy vehicle inspectors
  • International Truck Training – Instruction of service and repair mechanics for the T-444E truck engine
  • Mobile Air Conditioning Society – Certified for the training in CFC-12 refrigerant, recycling and service procedures
  • Mitchell International – Completed course for Ford Motor Company MCU / EEC drivability, trouble shooting and adjustment procedures
  • Midland-Grau Heavy Duty Systems – Completed training to become a Certified Brake Inspector
  • Pennsylvania State University, National Committee for Motor Fleet Supervisors Maintenance of Commercial Vehicles
    • Motor Fleet Trainers Workshop
    • Advanced Maintenance Management Course
    • Maintenance Management
    • Mack Truck Service and Manager Training
    • Six Cylinder Diesel Engine Maintenance and Repair
    • Mack Diesel Engines – Advanced
    • Carriers and Drive Lines
    • Brake Systems
    • Electrical Systems
    • Director of Maintenance
    • Power Steering
    • Air Conditioning
  • Allen Training Institute – Computer Command Control
  • International Training Academy – Tractor Trailer Driving
Areas of specialization
  • Truck and heavy mobile equipment repair and maintenance
  • Commercial driver operations
  • Fleet safety and maintenance procedures
  • Regulation compliance
Professional Affiliations
  • National Committee for Motor Fleet Supervisors Training
  • Locksmith Institute of America

Mr. Krizan is certified to teach all aspects of commercial vehicle operation and maintenance. He has conducted investigations and evaluations of vehicle operations, fleet safety programs and procedures, regulation compliance and vehicle maintenance.

Mr. Krizan's knowledge and experience are utilized in cases of trucking accidents.

A current CV is available on request.