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Michael Genareo

Retired Pennsylvania Commercial Vehicle Inspector and Enforcement Officer

Mr. Genareo has over 40 years' experience in trucking and commercial vehicle safety and regulations.

While employed as a Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer with the Pennsylvania State Police for 34 years, he was charged with enforcing compliance with both state and federal commercial trucking laws and regulations.

Mr. Genareo has:

  • Trained members of the Pennsylvania State Police as well as training of local police agencies with all aspects of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
  • Spoken at public forums with carrier officials as well as local and state government officials about concerns related to truck safety issues
  • Conducted safety meetings with trucking officials and drivers to ensure compliance and best safety practices
  • Qualified by CFR Title 49 Part 396 to conduct required Annual Periodic Inspections
  • Conducted DOT Compliance Reviews and has completed Corrective Action Plans and Policies
Areas of Expertise:
  • Pennsylvania Vehicle Code
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Title 67
  • Code of Federal Regulations Title 49, Parts 40, Parts 300 through Parts 399
  • Parts 100 through Parts 180 Hazardous Materials
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety
  • School Bus Inspection
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • Highway Watch Program
  • United States Department of Transportation Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction
  • National Commercial Vehicle Inspection
  • Federal Highway Administration Commercial Vehicle Drug Interdiction
  • Federal Highway Administration New Entrant Audits
  • Safe Driver Training
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Investigation
  • PHSMA Hazmat Regulations

A current CV is available on request.