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Paul F. Duffer, PhD

Glass Consultant


Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
M.S. Physical Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
B.S. Chemistry, St. Vincent College

Areas of Specialization
  • Glass surface corrosion
  • Selection and application of protective glass interleaving materials for the prevention of corrosion during transport and storage
  • The chemistry of paper materials suitable for glass packaging
  • The management and care of architectural glass during transport and storage at construction sites
  • Sundry stains and deposits on window glass
  • Acid and alkali damage to glass surfaces
  • Interaction of commercial cleaners and glass surfaces
  • Concrete runoff on glass
  • Hard water chemistry & spotting on glass; the role of dissolved silicates in creating unexpected problems
  • Preferential wetting of glass; the fleeting appearance of suction cup marks and other distinct patterns on glass
  • The post-installation care and maintenance of architectural glass
  • The challenges associated with post-construction window cleaning and the nature of soils and debris prone to initiate glass surface scratching
  • Morphology of glass surface scratches
Professional Affiliations
  • Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators
  • International Window Cleaning Association
  • Society of Vacuum Coaters

Dr. Duffer was employed for over 31 years by PPG Industries in Pittsburgh at its Glass Research and Development Center as a Senior Research Chemist, Research Associate and Senior Research Associate, focusing his research on addressing problems associated with glass surface corrosion and the preservation of glass surface quality during transport and storage. Current interests include fracture of brittle solids and factors that affect scratch initiation involving glass in addition to general glass surface phenomena. Dr. Duffer holds nine United States and several foreign patents in the area of glass interleaving materials and anticorrosive packaging systems.

A current CV is available on request.