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Product Liability

The law of product liability is the area of law which deals with the liability of the manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of a product for injuries resulting from dangerous and defective products.

A products liability claim usually falls into one of three possible types:

  • those claiming a design defect
  • those claiming a manufacturing defect
  • those claiming a failure to warn

Dangerous or defective product claims may succeed even when products were used incorrectly by the consumer, as long as the incorrect use was foreseeable by the manufacturer.

A basic negligence claim consists of proof

  1. of a duty owned,
  2. of a breach of duty,
  3. that the breach caused the injury,
  4. and of an injury.

Our experts have practical experience in design and testing gained through work in industry. This practical experience pays off when there's a possible product failure, and when it's necessary to evaluate a design or possible manufacturing defect. Our engineers have conducted forensic evaluations of consumer products, industrial products, industrial machines and processes, and vehicle components.