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Thomas "Tim" Haslett, PE, PLS

Roadway Design, Construction and Maintenance / Registered Professional Engineer


Associate Degree in Drafting and Mathematics, Alliance College, 1962


EIT, Pennsylvania
Professional Engineer, Pennsylvania
Professional Land Surveyor, Pennsylvania

Areas of specialization
  • Highway construction contracts
  • Highway maintenance standards and procedures
  • Highway design standards and procedures
  • Vehicle accidents due to defective highway design and / or maintenance
  • Highway and adjacent property drainage issues
  • Signalization
  • Fencing
  • Demolition
  • Construction of retention walls

Mr. Haslett is experienced in the areas of highway and bridge construction contracts, construction safety and quality control, highway and bridge construction / design standards and specifications, highway and bridge construction inspection, roadway guide rails, signalization, and fencing, retention walls, construction contract negotiation, construction training, drainage problems, hydraulic analysis, roadway / highway maintenance standards and practices, and bridge design.

A current CV is available on request.