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Accident Reconstruction

It has been said that there are three sides to every two car collision – what the plaintiff said happened, what the defendant said happened, and what really happened.

Reconstruction is an engineering discipline that involves the analysis of physical evidence, the application of physical laws, and the reconstruction of the vehicle and occupant motions based on accepted engineering principles. These reconstructed motions are arrived at in order to reconstruct how and why an accident occurred, and if anything could have been done to prevent it from having occurred.

Parties involved in litigation need to have an exhaustive accident reconstruction in order to fully evaluate the causal factors that led to the collision. Comprehensive accident reconstruction requires a solid educational background in the physical sciences in the form of a degree in engineering or other physical science. Accident reconstruction requires a thorough understanding of vehicle dynamics, vehicle structural properties and automotive engineering. However, the practice of accident reconstruction and presentation of the results also involves other disciplines that encompass various aspects of the driver, vehicle, and environment.