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Biomechanical & Injury Analysis

People become injured every day. Is anyone asking the question – “Are the injuries consistent with the description of the incident?” Oftentimes, lawsuits focus on product defects, premises liability, supervision issues, code or standards violations, etc. … without a thorough examination of the fundamental physical processes that are responsible for the injury, and whether the injury is consistent with first-hand accounts.

Biomechanics is the science that studies the external action of energy and forces acting on living bodies, especially the skeletal system. A Forensic Biomechanist is proficient at conducting biomechanical injury analysis investigations, describing the mechanism of injury, providing technical analysis and presenting it during litigation proceedings.

Key Points To Remember:
  • An injury analysis by a Forensic Biomechanist can augment your litigation preparation by bridging the gap between the doctor’s diagnosis and the mechanism of injury.
  • A Forensic Biomechanical Expert can work with other experts in construction and industrial incidents, product and premises liability incidents, vehicle crashes, sports & recreational incidents, and slips, trips & falls to properly interpret the event.

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